Daily Tarot Cards/Audio Version

You'll find the written version of these cards
posted at the Tarot Parlour's FB Page

2/Cups; 7/Pentacles; 3/Pentacles

Perspective; 10/Wands; 2/Cups

The Empress; 5/Wands; Queen/Pentacles;
3/Pentacles; Knight/Cups; 10/Wands

Queen/Pentacles; 9/Cups/Knight/Swords

King/Cups; 7/Swords; 4/Pentacles; 4/Cups

10/Swords; 8/Swords; 4/Cups; Page/Swords

5/Cups; Knight/Cups; 5/Wands; 2/Pentacles

The Magician; Knight/Cups; 7/Wands; The Tower

5/Pentacles; 7/Cups; 2/Pentacles; The Moon

Knight/Pentacles; Knight/Swords; 5/Swords; 8/Pentacles

The Star; Queen/Wands; Judgement; The Empress

The Star; Knight/Swords; 2/Wands; 3/Swords

Ace/Pentacles; 4/Swords; 6/Swords; 9/Cups

Page/Cups; Strength; Judgement; The Star

Queen/Wands; The Chariot; The High Priestess; Ace/Pentacles

Queen/Pentacles; 6/Cups; 8/Swords; 5/Pentacles

Justice; The Magician; The Emperor; 3/Wands

The Hermit; Justice; Strength; The Tower

6/Swords; Queen/Pentacles; 3/Pentacles; 3/Swords

10/Pentacles; 10/Cups; 2/Wands; 8/Cups; 7/Swords

Page/Swords; The Magician; The Emperor; 9/Swords

Page/Wands; The Emperor; 10/Wands; Strength

Ace/Swords; Wheel of Fortune; 6/Swords; 9/Swords

3/Wands; Queen/Wands; 6/Cups; 9/Pentacles

3/Swords; Temperance; 8/Pentacles; 2/Wands

Ace/Cups; Judgement; 10/Swords; Strength

Wheel of Fortune; Mother/Pentacles; High Priestess

The Sun; 6/Cups; King/Cups; Ace/Cups

Ace/Cups; Hanged Man; Wheel of Fortune; Knight/Pentacles; The Chariot

7/Wands; Ace/Cups; 5/Swords; 2/Swords

The Star; Queen/Wands; King/Wands; 5/Swords; 3/Swords; 5/cups

7/Wands; The Fool; The Fool; The Hierophant

4/Wands; Death; King/Swords; Judgement 

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