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Pre-Dawn Coffee & Tarot Sessions

from Arizona

11-23-20... Lies, new beginnings, happiness, and obsession.  Lies are no way to start a relationship, someone has an adrenalin rush with New Beginnings, happiness is right around the bend — don’t blow it, and someone is obsessed… Relationships: It’s a cruel thing when someone is given the idea with pro-longed contact that what they want so badly might be possible. It’s kinder to make a clean cut and move on, so they have the ability to move on as well.

11-22-20... Upcoming financial decisions, three's a charm, it's all about Control... finances need logical decisions; don't give up; don't listen to third party info; and when that past person comes falling back into your life -- do you really want to hand over control to them -- again? Really?

. Speak up, git er' done, and move on... That's the messages for today's desert reading, regarding, work, confrontations, and relationships. Lots is covered in this reading today with some interesting and insightful perspectives.

11-20-20... I've noticed in these early morning pre-dawn readings that I tend to digress and talk about lots of different things in among the tarot reading. You'll probably get to know me pretty well if I continue to do these readings in this way. This reading seems to have a lot to say about breaking bad patterns. My gawds, was I tired this morning, but it was still fun to do.

11-17-20... Here's another (unedited) pre-dawn reading from Arizona. I am basically taping my early morning coffee/tarot time in the privacy of our softly lit and candlelit bedroom. You'll have to put up with my early morning fuzzy-brain chatter. It is what it is.

11-14-20... This is my first taped "Desert Reading".  At this point, I was honestly thinking: "Do I really want to do this?"  -- Yep. Here you go.  I call this one "Be careful where you step". 

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  1. Greetings and Salutations! If you like these videos and would like to see more -- let me know! Are you getting a good tarot connection with these general readings? Are there specific topics you'd like me to focus on for a Desert Reading?

    At Youtube I disabled comments on these videos, but that's just because of the amount of spam coming through -- including links to "adult websites"... seriously!

    I would love your feedback on Desert Readings, and I encourage comments, questions, and suggestions.