For some of you, there’s going to be some mighty persistent financial juggling that’s going to continue for a period of time. There may also be something up in the air for a few of you. You’re either waiting on decisions, or you’re trying to make a decision, or you’re trying to get affairs in order that are standing in your way and holding things up. For a few of you, the power has been taken out of your hands. Decisions are going to be made by third parties, and all you can do is sit around, chew your fingernails, and wait.

Bonus Card:
The Lovers

For a few of you, the state of your financial affairs is going to be affected in a positive manner by a relationship, a love relationship. This might mean that coming together and finally making a commitment bolsters your combined worldly assets and sets the stage for future abundance. For an unfortunate few of you, this card means that the culmination of a committed relationship is going to adversely affect your financial matters. Those of you in the second group may wind up saying good-by to something you’ve worked very hard for. And you people might want to check out Card #1… maybe you can avoid this.

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