Some of you will find financial stability, and for those of you who do, there will be the very grateful souls who’ve been working very hard towards this goal for a long time. Congratulations. A few of you may discover a way to deal with, challenge, or survive unsettling behavior, individuals, or circumstances… or all three, as these culprits seem to travel together. Congratulations are also in order for you, because you’ll come through the ordeal stronger and more equipped to handle life’s crap. Not only that, you’ll learn to avoid these negative pitfalls in the future, to recognize them before they get too close… why step in the doo-doo when you can jump over it?

Bonus Card:

Another card confirming the energy. This knight is telling you to stay focused, stay on track. Don't allow other people, well-meaning or not, to lead you astray from your goals and your future plans. Everyone seems to have what they think is a wise word or a good take on your life and your circumstances… but their view will not be your view. Some of you, those who are easily led, those who are doubtful about their own abilities, those with low-self-esteem, will have the most difficult time telling people who are interfering in your life to bugger off… if you don't do this, you’ll regret it. 

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