"The Ultimate Tarot Guide
for Your Personal Tarot Journey"

This book takes you on an inspirational magical journey into the realm of tarot. Traditionalism and mediocrity are left behind. The author flings open doors and expands horizons to reveal amazing connections with tarot and it's intimate influence on our world. As you make your way through this tarot study guide and workbook, you will develop a very unique and personal connection with the tarot and a deeper understanding of yourself.

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"Tarot: A Witch's Journey"


"It's all about the journey, not the destination", as the old saying goes.

Follow author, Amythyst Raine, through the realm of Tarot, uncovering life's mysteries along the way.  Explore esoteric connections through the cards with astrology, numerology, and the Kabbalah.  Delve into criminal cases explored intimately through the intricacies of the tarot and intuitive reading.  Connect with and experience the human psyche through the court cards.  Discover tarot's power within the magick of the occult world.  Begin your journey through the realm of Tarot today.

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This book is now also available as a Hard Cover Full-Color book at Amazon:  click  HERE

“Tarot for Grownups”

Tarot for Grownups explores adult personalities and issues through the tarot.  Its a blunt sometimes shocking take on this journey we call Adulthood.

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