"That reading was amazing! Thank you so much!...Your reading gives me a 'heads up', tour guide style, to navigate each upcoming month."

"Thank you for your information. I am amazed at the accuracy, and I certainly will be in contact with you again."

"It was an interesting read...I thought I'd take a chance on a woman who seems quite comfortable in her own skin to read for me, even though I can't sit down with her. I wasn't disappointed."

"My first reaction is OMG! This describes him, our situation, everything, to a perfect T...As always, your reading was right on."

"Thank you so much, this is wonderful, such amazing insight, and the relationship part really hit the nail on the head."

"Just wanted to say how impressive and wonderful the video tarot reading was to watch."

"Thank you for that excellent reading! You have a beautiful talent and I sure do appreciate it."

"You pretty much hit the nail on the head, with this being my first reading. You have me for a client now..."

"You are a great tarot reader and a wise witch! This reading is quite fascinating."

"Thanks so much, Amythyst. I am intrigued and impressed by your reading of the cards."

"Thank you so much for the tarot reading, it helped me a lot."

"Thank you so much...Your reading was of great help-- I knew exactly who each character and situation referred to, and this gave me confirmation to what I believed and saw, as well as further insight."

"That reading was AMAZING. You could not have detailed me more accurately even if you were analyzing my DNA!!!...and you can quote me-- AMAZING!"

Tarot Mysteries:
When Animals Speak

I read tarot using the intuitive method. This method utilizes the reader’s natural psychic abilities and allows the cards to simply give a nudge in the right direction for all kinds of information using symbology and images. These images often include animals.

The results have been startling in clarity and synchronicity: During one reading, there was the image of a golden tabby cat hidden in the grass, peering at me with inquisitive imploring eyes– this cat turned out to be a beloved pet belonging to my client, and this cat had passed away only months before she appeared to me in this reading, upon a card. In the midst of another reading, there was the image of a small white rabbit– “Who’s expecting a baby?” I asked. The client squealed in delight and clapped her hand over her mouth…”We’re expecting our first grandbaby in three months,” she says.

When animals speak, I’ve learned to listen. What comes through is amazing, and this fact was brought home to me most pointedly when one of my clients, who had received an emailed reading, wrote back giving me invaluable feedback and an amazing story.

Below is a portion of the reading that I had sent to her regarding an animal…the owl. Following is her response– published with her permission– unedited, just as I received it:

Again, unusual impressions coming through: If your animal totem is not the owl, it may very well be now. This animal represents wisdom and quiet fortitude, as well as strength– it is tenacious, courageous, and deadly to its prey. Sometimes animals come through to me in my readings, and it is this creature which is making it’s presence felt now. If you are not adverse to a little pagan energy (and I’m pretty sure you’re not), it would be beneficial for you to set up a little table with some images of the owl…

The owl is also connected to heightened perception– (listen to your own intuition, follow your instincts); female magick– (if you’re a practitioner of the occult, now’s the time to do your thing regarding these issues); and messages to and from the dead– (pay attention to dreams or synchronicity that you may experience around you, someone may be trying to tell you something).

My Client's Response:

This gave me chills………one of my totems is indeed the owl. 

 There is a short story here: I have always loved owls and I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the old shadow box clocks and pictures from the 70’s….but my ex husband bought one with an owl on it. I ended up keeping that after we divorced. I remarried eventually and still kept this clock. I had it in our bedroom upstairs. 

 We lived in a very old country farmhouse near Buffalo. The house needed new screens on the upstairs windows. I had the window open one summer day and had just brought up a load of laundry I folded to put away. Lo and behold on top of the closet door sat an owl, a real live owl. But at the time I wasn’t a practicing witch but I knew there was something deep in me. It all came home for me 13 yrs ago and I have been a Solitary ever since. 

 Fast forward to years later: I began calling owls at night and they would answer. I then began collecting owl figures. I was even gifted with an owl wing by a kindred friend. At the same time my mother was also collecting owls before she died. After she died last year my husband was fishing and he called me way up in NY to tell me that an owl landed on his fishing pole and stared at him for a minute and flew on. 

When my brother and I packed up mom’s things I took her owl collection and still have it. So when you mentioned owls I instantly thought….”Whoa……there is no way you would ever know that!” That’s when I realized that owl has a strong message for me and I need to listen.

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