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Tarot Insights ~ July 2018 ~ All 12 Signs

WARNING: The extremely blunt assessment of some of the zodiac signs may be offensive to some people. These readings are channeled for the energy of a Zodiac Sign, Not An Individual. No disrespect is meant, I just communicated honestly what was coming through the cards for me. Also, this is an "F-Bomb" warning.

TIME STAMPS: Pisces/4:43 Aquarius/7:27 Taurus/9:51 Virgo/11:26 Sagittarius/13:03 Libra/14:21 Cancer/15:53 Capricorn/17.00 Gemini/18:06 Scorpio/19:28 Aries/21:14 Leo/22:47

Tarot Insights ~ Cap Aqu Pisces Aries ~ June 2018

Tarot Insights ~ Taurus Gem Can Leo ~ June 2018

Tarot Insights ~ Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius ~ June 2018

Tarot Insights ~ Cap Aqu Pisc Aries ~ May 2018

Tarot Insights ~ Taur Gem Can Leo ~ May 2018

Tarot Insights ~ Vir Lib Scorp Sag ~ May 2018

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