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Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Amythyst Raine is an author and empathic intuitive. The tarot is her tool of choice, which she uses as a key to tap into universal knowledge. Amythyst is dedicated to helping others live better lives through self-examination, as well as through psychic revelations, spirit contact, and spiritual guidance.

If you've stopped at this page, you're here for a reason.

Intuitive tarot readings are a means of seeking answers to questions we may be avoiding, shining light on other people's motives, exploring new paths and avenues we only suspected were there, and discovering guidance from a source outside ourselves.

If there's something on your mind-- a persistent question, a personal dilemma, a decision to be made-- you can seek answers, direction, and inspiration from a uniquely personal intuitive reading.

Animated Tarot Readings

Animated tarot readings are beautifully illustrated readings that run less than 2 minutes, are filled with tarot images, as well as your tarot message, and music.

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"Time to Close the Door"

Desert Readings

Desert Readings are pre-dawn tarot sessions from Arizona. These are in-depth intuitive readings with tarot author, Amythyst Raine.

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"Infectious Pus
aka Toxic Relationship"

I don't know how your phones and devices work, but the videos and the links work better when I scroll to the bottom of my phone and click on... View Web Version


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I do not solve personal problems; I do not give medical, financial, or legal advice.

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Again, I emphasize that all tarot readings are done for entertainment purposes only!

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  1. Ty Amythyst for the May Tarot readings for Leo and Taurus. Contact soon.

  2. Thank you for always taking the time to read our cards. It is greatly appreciated. DecemberStar

  3. You're both very welcome! It's my pleasure!

  4. I just wanted to tell You that Your free June general reading for Scorpio became 100% accurate for me yesterday morning. This is in regards to having to choose between 2 men, 1 of which was causing me heartache. Even Our descriptions were exact at that moment!
    1 was passionately hot for me, the other was drinking, but not merry. &, I didn't want to listen to my intuition that I should leave the latter alone, Who was cold/distant.
    So! I also wanted to tell You to please not question Your chosen cards nor doubt Your interpretations of them, especially with Scorpio, because You're very talented!!!
    Remember that Scorpios are dramatic, Our lives ARE a chaotic soap opera.
    I always look forward to Your readings for a sneak peek ahead &/or understanding of what's happened.
    Blessings & wishes of more success!!

    1. Thank you so much, Scarlett, for this very important feedback! You don't know how much I struggled with the idea of *Not* posting this reading. It was just so personal, and I figured that some people would be angry at the idea of posting it, that it was too negative, or it might lead people to be unnecessarily suspicious of a partner, etc.

      I just *Knew* that it was meant for someone. And I'm so glad that I put it out there. And thank you so much for confirming this for me!