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Deck: Rider Waite version
Cards: The Devil -- reversed; 5/swords -- reversed; Page/wands

You will be starting this new year off on a very promising positive foot, which is a much needed change for some of you.  You'll find that you have shook off some personal demons that have been plaguing you and causing so much trouble in your life on a variety of levels.  You've also either come to a truce with a group of people you were in conflict with; or you walked away from the conflict and this is one of the demons you got rid of.  For some of you, this might not represent a group of people you were in conflict with, but it may represent a conflict that you were battling within yourself.  Either way, it's gone.

Many of you will find that you're starting off the new year with a new beginning that includes lots of passion, enthusiasm, and promise.  For some of you, this may indicate a new relationship on the horizon, but for others it is showcasing new job and financial opportunities.  This card, as do all the Pages, also infers that open, honest, enthusiastic communication will benefit all new endeavors coming up in this new year.

The Spirits Speak...
Deck: The Moment After Tarot
Cards: 7/swords; 9/cups -- reversed; 5/pentacles

What you may think you want, may not be what you should end up with. Rash decisions; unplanned actions, might all wind up to leave you in a more precarious situation or place than when you first set off. It certainly won't lead to wish fulfilments, or your hearts desire. It might even leave you feeling left out in the cold. There needs to be more thought put into something that, so far, has just been rolling around your mind without any real sense of direction.

Deck: The Light Seer's Tarot
Cards: 5/cups, 6/cups, 4/swords

  • Yep, it's regrettable, what you lost. It's sad, and you have probably gone over all the morbid grisly details in your mind a million times, needlessly getting a little weepy and morose at the reflection. But there it is, like a bad tattoo. You can't get rid of it, you'll never be able to hide it, and there will be many things in life that may be a reminder of this fiasco. However, it would be a crying shame if this past event and the regret that goes with it shadows and taints your future.

  • It's in the past. It's behind you. But you might feel as though it follows you wherever you go... into every new relationship, into every new venture. The thing is, life goes on and you'll be making new connections and new memories to go along with it. How awful it would be if every new memory is tainted with a past memory, laced with regret. If this is the case, new-found happiness will always feel shallow and incomplete, and you will never feel fully satisfied. You can't be happy with one foot in the past, longing for what you lost, guilty for the way things turned out. It is what it is, it was what it was.

  • Give it a rest. Let it go. If you won't or can't do this, don't expect your future to unfold in grand and wonderful adventures of bliss and happiness. If you can't or won't move on... you'll be cursed to carry the mold and stench of the past with you on your journey through life. And how unfortunate for anyone you may decide to start a new connection with. They'll be forced to carry the mold and stench with them as well.

Deck: The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams
Card: The Fool

This card came up for me today when I was taping Desert Readings, but it came up with a very different voice and message than the one its showing me here.

This is all about getting it down pat, learning a routine, or developing one of your own. This energy is all about being able to balance precariously on the edge of life while maintaining enough discipline and vitality to carry something through, to finish a task, to work successfully to a goal.

And just when you think that you may be all alone in the world, that you've had to do this all by yourself with no support... look behind you.  (He, she, they were there all the way)

Deck: The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams
Card: 5/swords (R)

So, what did you do?  Give up the fight?  Cave to the enemy, or someone else's opinion of how things should be, how this disagreement should turn out?  What happened to the enthusiasm, resolve, determination, strength, and perspective you started with?

I think you stepped over a threshold and got a glimpse of reality. What was happening on the other side, what was going through someone else's mind wasn't at all what you thought.  It's like -- wait a minute, where is all this going... REALLY??

And  I think you were given a glimpse of someone on the other side of that threshold, and when you saw the state they were in, you said, "Wait a minute...".  Nothing was as it was portrayed.  Let me re-think this.

Wise choice.


Card: 10/swords (R) 

It hurt.  It was nasty.  But you're coming to the conclusion of it.  This card is telling you that the end of a difficult cycle is near; the worst is over; there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The thing is, all of this is easier said than done, because bad feelings may linger just beneath the surface.  You may find that you are still triggered by the oddest things, and all of the negative memories and feelings come rushing back.  And you know that you may have to have a good cry; spend an afternoon with a box of Kleenex and your computer; or pour your heart out to a confidante over re-hashed situations or people that you know logically no longer pertain to your life now.

It will get better.  Healing is a process.  And sometimes those closest to us don't realize how hurt we were.


Cards: Perspective, 10/Wands, 2/Cups

For couples, at this time, you may not be on the same page and this may be causing added stress and a feeling of overwhelming emotion, a feeling of added weight or responsibility for one or both of you, as well as that uncomfortable unnerving feeling when you are "out of sync" with your loved one. Viewing your relationship, your daily life, and each other from different perspectives may also cause feelings of suspicion and a loss of trust, whether these feelings are founded in reality or not.

With all the added stress of daily life and its uncertainties during these unusual times, it would be best if both of you practice complete transparency. Until you're able to turn things around in life in general and regain a feeling of normalcy, it would behoove you to put your partner at ease with reassurance that difficult times and daily struggles are from external events and conditions, and are not stemming from your connection with each other.


Cards:  7/swords (R), Prince/wands, 3/pentacles

Quick overview ~ Someone is working SO hard to overcome complications and destruction caused by deception and betrayal.

The deception has stopped (deceit sounds so harsh, I deliberately chose the word deception, though they go hand in hand).  The destruction could be imagined as a bull in a china shop with much deeper and longer lasting emotional wounds and ramifications.  Oh, my.  

Keep working on it.  The thing here is that this can be overcome as long as there is no backward slide into old habits.


9/wands ~ I can see that you're getting a little weary protecting that line you drew in the sand.  I know how important it is to maintain the upper hand and control for "the principle of the thing", but you really need to let this go.  At one time this line in the sand may have been monumentally important and necessary. It's not now.  Open your weary eyes and you'll see that the adversary, or the enemy, or the circumstances have all gone away.  Relax.

4/pentacles ~ Someone is being very stubborn and unapproachable right now.  They won't listen, talk, try to understand, or compromise. If you're dealing with them, it's going to be very frustrating and you'll feel like giving up (or hitting them over the head).  If this is you who's being stubborn, you're going to feel like you're in the right, and you may be, but the fallout and aftermath of this disagreement will leave a lot of destruction and debris in it's wake.  The mess might be more work cleaning up than it's worth. Consider compromising.

10/wands ~ Give it a rest.  You might be making a situation or chore more difficult than it needs to be. On the flip side of this coin, if there's something in life that you're competing with another person for... know that if you pause to catch your breath or rest, you'll lose the race.  They must be very determined.  I'm also hearing "stay focused", don't get led off track.  Equality also seems to be an issue that's important for you at this time, or in this set of circumstances.


The last reading I did for this page was so intense I stopped at one card.  Hopefully, for whomever this reading was meant, they got the message and can work from there for a positive outcome.  That was also the first time I used the tarot deck Wild Unknown for a reading.  I think it's safe to say that it has a strong connection.  Anyway, let's get on with your cards for today!

Today I'm using The After Tarot...

Strength ~ This card isn't always about being strong, sometimes it's about being cunning.  I hear "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." It may be to your benefit to cluck someone under the chin and keep your opinions to yourself, no matter how much it makes you cringe at the moment.  Your day will come.  Also, approach something from behind, use the back door.  There's always an advantage with the element of surprise.

Queen/swords ~ The proverbially single woman, the strong woman, the woman who they say enjoys her independence and has a saucy outspoken personality.  If this is you, transformation is in your future.  Whether this is something as simple as getting a new hairstyle, or your life is going to significantly transform through efforts that you've put forth with a project, plan, or goals.  The whole thing is, you're looking so expectantly and eagerly to this future.

The Sun reversed ~ It may take some effort for you to make that sun shine on your parade, whatever it is that's casting a shadow on your existence right now, I see that you have help to clear it up.  Take advantage of this.  It will work out just fine.  I'm hearing "The hotter it is, the better it will grow."...and there may be skimpy clothing involved, if not a bit of nakedness.  If this card applies to you, you'll be very happy and Sunshiney with life's moments.


2/wands reversed ~ Getting something completely totally successfully figured out and resolved for this couple is as difficult and monumental a task as pulling a camel through the eye of a needle.  If this situation isn't resolved to the happy agreement of the primary parties involved, it will create wounds and scars that will never go away; it will shift perception for the worst; it will pull the hide right off everything positive and beautiful and loving that you've been working towards.  You'll be left with a bloody mess of emotional trauma to clean up... and there you'll be, still holding on to your baggage, alone.


King/wands ~ It's all about maintaining control.  It's about hanging onto something that would be problematic if you let go... information; a relationship; a secret; an activity.  But it feels that there's something about this that causes you tension, or anxiety.  It's on your mind all the time.  If you're the one "hanging on", maybe it's time to release whatever it is you're trying to control.  Let it go.

The Sun reversed ~ It might rain on your parade.  Isn't that always the way it goes?  Life can be so f****in' close to being happy, to being perfect, to being so close to meeting some sort of "ideal" that you have in your head.  But for so many people, (you,too?), there's always an unforeseen stumbling block. There's always some sort of crap that tarnishes the experience.  Also, there's a standoff between two individuals.  Maybe you have to find out what's raining on your parade and RESOLVE it.

7/wands ~ It looks like you've drawn a line in the sand. It feels like YOU feel you're out-numbered.  It feels as though you have your guard up, waiting for the next blow, expecting it to come.  Until the situation has been resolved, and you feel sure in your mind and heart that you can erase this line in the sand and step over it... or allow someone else to cross it... this feeling of reserve and hesitancy and unease will persist.  


6/wands reversed ~ You're trying really hard, but sometimes through no fault of our own, we wind up in a "no-win" situation.  You'll have to decide whether continued persistence will pay off, or if you're wasting your time.  I guess this is going to depend on how important the matter is to you, and what kind of resources you might have up your sleeve.  This might be time to bring out the Big Guns, or play the Hidden Card.

6/wands ~ How intriguing!!  I guess you brought out the Big Guns, or you had one hell of a Hidden Card to play. It feels like someone had some secret knowledge, like forbidden fruit, that wielded some major clout.  The repercussions from this mutual interaction are sending vibrations across the universe.  They will take you seriously after this.

Queen of Swords ~ You are finding yourself in a position to throw your weight around.  You're feeling out the boundaries of influence that you may have.  You may be trying your hand at the art of manipulation.  You are bitter about how something turned out... OR ...You're dealing with a Bitch that is experiencing all of the above.  Do what you have to do to protect yourself from this individual and the poisonous energy they radiate.


10/wands ~  You may have so much on your plate that you're figuratively blocking your view ahead.  When you can't see what's coming, you will not be prepared.  Lighten the load.  Besides, your arms must be getting tired from carrying so much responsibility.  Learn to delegate work.  You might have to tell a lazy soul to get off their ass.

5/swords reversed ~ The skirmish is over... or is it?  Life might feel like one of those movies where the villain gets shot and you think he's dead, but a moment later he rises again.  If you have an issue in life that is causing conflict and unnecessary stress, be sure you kill it once-and-for-all so that it doesn't resurrect it's ugly energy all over your life again, and again, and again...

Death ~ Huge transitions are coming.  Good or bad, it's going to be unsettling (at least at first), and it will be life transforming.  You'll either love it, or hate it.  But it is what it is.  Maybe the universe has something in mind for you that you never dreamed of.  Maybe it's a step that you wouldn't have the courage to take on your own.  Maybe it's destiny pushing you off this proverbial cliff, so you finally learn to fly.

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  1. Do these cards resonate with you? I highly encourage feedback, though I realize, because of the personal nature of some of these cards, that the readers may be reluctant to give too much information. That's okay, you don't have to tell us WHICH card(s) resonated with you, just let me know if something hit home, or was helpful. Bright Blessings!