Tarot readings have RESUMED!

We've settled in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona. It's an inspiring location for magickal, metaphysical, and psychic growth. I'm delighted to be working in this location to make a tarot connection with you!

The tarot is a journey through life and a journey through spirit. Tarot cards in the hands of a gifted reader allows us to look at our lives from a new perspective, opening new doorways and clearing paths that we would otherwise not see. The tarot gives us a glimpse of where we came from, as well as where we're going. Open your mind and your heart to life's infinite possibilities and solutions with a tarot reading by Amythyst Raine.

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Special Offer

Moving Forward Tarot Spread ~ Have you been through something in your life that was traumatic, profound, and possibly life changing? Where do you go from this point? You may benefit from a reading to gain insight and possibly discover a new direction.

Moving Forward Tarot Spread

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AUDIO READINGS 2/Choose Your Reading

3 Card Spread

Audio ~ $25.00


The Traditional Horoscope Spread
36 Card Spread

This tarot spread utilizes the twelve houses of the zodiac as the twelve positions for the cards. Each of these houses is ruled by a planet, as well as an astrological sun sign, and each of these houses deals with a very specific area of life.

I draw three cards for each aspect listed.

1. The Self
2. Money & Possessions
3. Communications
4. Beginnings & Home Life
5. Pleasure, Creativity, & Sex
6. Health & Work
7. Partnership & Marriage
8. Death & Regeneration
9.  Mental Exploration & Journeys
10. Career Achievements
11. Friends, Wishes, & Ambitions
12. Secrets, Sorrows, & Self-Destructive Tendencies

Traditional Horoscope Spread
36 Card Spread

Audio ~ $60.00

Chakra Reading: 
I incorporate stones corresponding to the chakras in this reading.

Chakra Reading
21 Card Spread

The tarot cards touch the energy of your chakras for an in-depth reading on the state of your mind, your life, and your health.  More information on the Chakras can be found Here.

1.  Root Chakra
  2.  Sacral Chakra
3.  Solar Plexus
 4.  Heart Chakra
  5.  Throat Chakra
 6.  Brow Chakra
   7.  Crown Chakra
 Chakra Reading
21 Card Spread

Audio ~ $60.00

The following are NEW tarot spreads!

I will still be offering the old spreads as Audio Readings only in the drop-down menu below, scroll down past this section and you'll find them. 

Love Me Tender
5 card spread

(Audio Reading)

1. Love, what am I looking for?

2. What has contributed to past failures/successes?

3. How do I break destructive patterns/choices?

4. How will I know when I've found "the one"?

5. What will make it work?

Road to Success
6 card spread

 (Audio Reading) 

1. What’s the right direction for me?

2. What are some of the obstacles I’m going to encounter?

3. What will I need to succeed?

4. What do I need to avoid?

5. Who can I depend upon for help?

6. Who/what could hold me back?


 Fork in the Road
5 card spread

(Audio Reading)

1. What brought me to this point?

2. How prepared am I for the upcoming changes in my life?

3. What do I need to fix, complete, or improve before I take a new path?

4. How will my choice affect the people closest to me?

5. How will I know I've made the right decision?

Audio Readings ~ Old Spreads

These are the old tarot spreads that have been so popular, so I'm still offering them as Audio Readings only.

1.  6 Card Spread
2.  Directions & Trends
3.  Gypsy's Magick Spell
4.  The Pentagram
5.  Desires & Fears
6.  The Path of Desires
7.  Partnership & Relationships

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  1. By all means, feel free to leave comments and questions...Blessings, Amythyst

  2. I recently had someone ask me if I would do a Past Life reading as an audio reading instead of a written reading. This is an excellent idea, though I may offer it as a video. Let me get the options posted!

  3. Hello Amythyst, Will the audio offer still be available at least until the 24th? (Waiting on pay day.)

    1. Absolutely! (I'm with you, I have to wait for payday to plan my budget.) Be sure to specify in Buyer's Instructions which spread you want.

  4. Hello Amythyst, That is WONDERFUL news! I might require two readings, the situation that I am in, is for me overwhelming and I am at the point where I am feeling defused, lost, dis-empowered- unable to feel my intuition, too energetically drained to make the decision that needs to be made with regards to a situation that I am in without an outside 3rd party guidance which I seriously think I need in order to make a beneficial decision for all involved. You have read for me in the past with accurate knowing of myself without even meeting/knowing who I am and I have deep trust in you and your skills and abilities, the connection you have to the energy of universe, to be of the much needed assistance to me in being able to make the serious life altering decision I am faced with at this moment. I'll be getting paid Wed. setting aside enough for at least two for you to deduct I'll make a couple of choices as to the readings. But If you feel one would do it, then the rest could/will be put towards a oil potion, splbag that you offer, as a further resolution/assistance in this situation I am in.

  5. Dear I sent you an email as well. I paid $60 for a phone reading for my daughter but found no place to enter her number. Will you still be able to do the phone reading? If not can it apply to another comparable reading? If all else fails please help refund my PayPal.
    Bright blessings

    1. Hello, Donna! I just sent you an email. I see that you gave me her phone number, and I will also need her email address so I can contact her to schedule her reading.