Welcome to The Tarot Parlour! 

1.  What is an important theme in my month ahead?
2.  A secret that will unfold this month.
3.  A blessing that will appear this month.
4.  Where can I look to the find magic in my day to day.
5.  What can I do to practice my magic this month?
6.  How an I build trust in my intuition?

(Note:  the number of positions in a tarot spread is not indicative of the number of cards drawn.  I draw as many cards as it takes to reach clarity.)


Tarot Spreads


  1. AMYTHYST, I just purchased a reading from you, Pentagram Spread. Thank you for offering this Special. Please let me know how we proceed from here as this is the first Online Reading I have done. Thank you.

  2. Today's Date has a very Special Meaning to me and for some reason I felt drawn to you. Perhaps it is a message for me to do this, from a Spirit of a Loved One.

  3. Hello, Ladies! I've just completed two of these readings and sent them on their way. I hope they fly to you safely, and I hope we've made a successful tarot connection today. I love this spread. Thank you so much for allowing me to read for you, and Blessings!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. I look forward to receiving your results. Can't wait. Blessed Be.