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The tarot is a journey through life and a journey through spirit. Tarot cards in the hands of a gifted reader allows us to look at our lives from a new perspective, opening new doorways and clearing paths that we would otherwise not see. The tarot gives us a glimpse of where we came from, as well as where we're going. Open your mind and your heart to life's infinite possibilities and solutions with a tarot
reading by Amythyst Raine.

Note: I'll pull as many cards as are needed to get an answer.
Some issues just require a deeper look.


Today's Free Reading


Card #1/Love


There's a fox in the chicken coup.  The key word here is "sly".  Don't believe everything you're told.  Go with your gut instinct and first impressions.  Don't be won over by lots of smooth words and suave manners.  Look for substance and honesty.

Card #2/Finances


Things might feel a bit shaky or uncertain, but this is passing.  You'll experience more stability and security in the near future.  Don't overlook financial opportunities coming your way.  Someone may be depending upon you.  Don't allow this fact to make you feel that you must be superhuman... on a variety of levels.

Card #3/Future Possibilities


Unexpected opportunities are definitely coming your way, though you may hesitate to accept them.  Don't allow self-doubt, or low self-esteem, to hinder your decisions.  You're capable of so much more than you realize.  Don't allow a pessimistic individual to rain on your parade.

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  1. Did your choice of card resonate with your energies and your life? Did you find the card you chose to be enlightening? Did you make a tarot connection today?

    Please feel free to leave comments.

  2. Card #3 - Spot ON for me it seems hehe! ;-)

  3. I picked card #1.....It was good news for me......I certainly hope everything I'm trying to do works out......I could use a miracle.....!

    1. I believe in miracles, Debbie. Light a candle and put your heartfelt wishes and energy into it! (I know we can succeed.)

  4. 2 was spot on for me. Thank you, Lady Amythyst. You are a blessing. *nods in respect*

  5. Well as usual, just checked out today's reading, you are right on the money. All three cards describe everything in my life right now. Of course I connected with the 6 of cups. Dead accurate. Thank you.

  6. My card was #3 and it was spot on. The relationship that ended was not a romantic one but one with my best friend. We had been best friends since we were 14 years old. The past year or two I have had to put up boundaries with her because of the way she is choosing to live her life now. She is in no way the person she used to be. With her latest action (which had serious legal ramifications for her) I had to let her go, to sever that tie. As you mentioned, I did indeed feel guilty about it but I also understand I can't have that type of energy in my life and expect good things to come to me. It's like getting a new sofa without first moving the old one out. Where is the room for all the good stuff? It's disappointing as I tried over and over to help her out of her darkness, but I know this is for the best. I appreciate your reading and how it validated my decision. Thank you and blessed be.

    1. Hello, Jennifer! I'm so sorry for your loss, but I congratulate you on the wisdom of your decision and the courage it took to carry it through. I'm glad you made a tarot connection with this reading.

  7. I Picked Card Two, and it fit perfect, even if it did get me a slight scolding for not getting busy. Peace and Love.Margie

  8. I picked card 3 this resonated with me as many aspects of my life are coming together after falling apart. I remember the lessons I learned. I'm in a better financial situation I don't have to be as frugal and go without as I did in the past. Yet I don't go hog wild now.

    1. That sounds perfect, Kimberlee, it's "balance".

  9. Well I'll be damned. I read for myself sometimes, and I should know this by now: your reading has validated my intuitions yet again! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us! Just what I needed today! ❤

  10. You're very welcome, Lauryn! It's my pleasure, these readings are fun to do. :)